Whistler / Vancouver BC, Canada

Portfolio & archive

Andrew Strain is an award-winning action sport and adventure photographer from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

A 10 year veteran of the mineral exploration industry, Andrew began shooting photos to document his experiences working in the remote and rugged BC wilderness. The seasonal nature of fieldwork afforded him the opportunity to photograph snowboarding through the winters and, in 2011, he established himself as an emerging talent in the action sports world with a 3rd place slideshow at Whistler's fabled Deep Winter Photo Challenge, followed by a 2nd place portfolio at the Ski Salt Lake Shootout. 

Today, Andrew has retired from prospecting, but his passion for exploring the wild remains. Whether shooting the vineyards and desert of the Okanagan Valley, or snowboarding deep in the winter backcountry, the aim of his photography is to convey a sense of place, adventure, and discovery - the true spirit of exploration.

Andrew is available for assignment worldwide. Please contact him for scheduling and rates.