Thompson Okanagan for Destination British Columbia / by Andrew Strain

I've worked on various projects with Destination British Columbia since the launch of their epic new brand in the fall of 2014, and last summer I had the opportunity to shoot on assignment for them in my homeland: the Okanagan Valley.

My family moved a lot when I was growing up, and the south Okanagan was where we settled for my teenage years. Since finishing school, I've spent very little time in the valley, returning only for holidays and weddings, so it was a real treat to spend an extended time with my family and reconnect with old friends.

As a kid, I spent countless hours labouring in vineyards and roaming the desert hills - to be able to return as a photographer and showcase my valley to the world is a true honour. Being old enough to actually drink the wine is a huge bonus!

I'm not sure I could go back to living in the Okanagan full-time, but man... those summers. It doesn't get much better.