Aisle or Window? / by Strain

I put an inordinate amount of thought into seating on a commercial flight. Safety and convenience play a minor role, yes, but the primary focus of my pre-flight planning is determining which side of the plane will afford better photo opportunities. The best shots are often close to approach or takeoff - does the seat allow a bag stowed at the feet, or is it overhead only? Is the wing in my way? What side of the plane will the sun be on? What time of day am I flying? Is the weather shit, rendering all other considerations moot?

On a recent trip to the Okanagan to visit family, I made a last minute switch from port to starboard and was rewarded with dramatic raking light across the southern Coast Range, and a golden glow on the Port Mann Bridge as the cables caught the last light of day. I was hoping to pass a little closer to the downtown core, but Surrey was looking pretty good that evening. Maybe next time.

Even when confounded by imperfect conditions or the inevitable distorted window, the view outside is (almost always) better than the in-flight entertainment.

Bonus image: Popocatépetl, before it got angry this year.

One thing is certain - you won't catch me in an aisle seat.

What about you? Aisle or window?