In Print: Exploration Photography / by Strain

Andrew Strain Photography

I've been shooting photos of my work in the mineral exploration industry for as long as I've had a camera - the wild places I travel to for work were the original inspiration for my photography. While the majority of my published and paid work has been in the winter sports world, my only cover has been on a mineral exploration trade magazine. Now, I can add three more covers to my stash of tear sheets: Canadian Mining Magazine's Winter 2013 issue, and the 2012 Annual Report / 2013 Media Kit for the Prospectors and Develepors Association of Canada (PDAC).

It's always been exiting for me to share images of the remote places I get to travel to for work, so seeing those images spread to such a large audience is an amazing feeling. I have the very unique position of being a professional photographer working a 'real job' in a crazy industry, which gives me the ability to capture scenes that a photographer hired for a shoot simply could not. These shots aren't staged - in both sampling photos, the workers are taking real samples that were part of real geochemistry programs, and after the shots was taken I put the camera away, recorded some notes, and moved on to the next sample station.

All in a days work.


I also recently updated my Mining / Mineral Exploration portfolio with recent work. Check it.