Melanie's Wedding / by Strain

This is what you get when you let your brother photograph your wedding...

To update my blog from a summer of neglect, I'll go back to the beginning - my sister Melanie got married in June, in the beautiful setting of the Canadian Rockies. The weather did its best to confound the whole event - flooding across the interior, washed out bridges and a detour from hell made getting to Nipika Mountain Resort a logistical nightmare. The rain on the day of the wedding was unrelenting, forcing the outdoor ceremony into a cramped but rustic cabin - but everything flowed so seamlessly that it seemed as if it was planned from the start. I don't really shoot weddings, especially not for close friends or family - it's tough to enjoy the day when you're there to work. I agreed to shoot just the wedding party photos, though I knew full well it would turn into a much more involved process. In the end, the photos turned out great and the wedding was an amazing success - a testament to the incredible love Melanie and Landon share.

I could probably be convinced to shoot a similar style of rustic, outdoors wedding every now and then. The further into the mountains, the better.