Deep Winter 2011 Slideshow / by Strain  

It's been almost a year since I managed to steal third prize in Whistler Blackcomb's Deep Winter Photo Challenge. Today, I was out on the mountain scouting some stuff with Jussi Grznar, who is making his own run for the title of "King of Storms" next week, bringing back all kinds of wonderful memories like shooting in such heavy snowfall that my camera completely iced over. Or, sitting in the Glacier Creek bathroom for an hour trying to de-fog my lenses with a hand dryer (a more detailed re-cap here).


Would I do it again? Hell yes. I live for Whistler's storm season. In the meantime, enjoy my 2011 slideshow, and get your tickets for this year's event before it sells out. January 14 @ the Fairmont. See you there.