PhotoShelter / D7000 / by Strain

People often complain that I don't have a portfolio (a valid criticism). Well, now I do. You can check it out here as well as the link in the top right of this page. I'm using PhotoShelter to run the site and will be setting up galleries for stock and print sales over the next little while - for now, it's just a portfolio. I have it broken up into Mineral Exploration, Snowboard / Ski, Landscapes and People. Check it out and let me know what you think! Next up, business cards... I picked up a Nikon D7000 last week, and the first big dump of the season in Pemberton gave me a perfect excuse to get out and shoot with my new photo-maker. I tested the low light capabilities in Vancouver last weekend and was blown away by the usability of images up to ISO 6400, but realistically my main application for a camera is landscapes and action in good light so I was anxious to get out and see how the new sensor performed in my typical shooting situation.

All three photos taken with the  D7000 / 10.5mm fisheye combo.

I'm quite pleased with the obvious improvements in dynamic range over the D200 that I upgraded from, particularly in shadow detail where I feel that the D200 suffers quite a bit. Image quality is vastly improved in all respects, but given the age of the camera I was upgrading from, that is to be expected.

I haven't done enough shooting to comment much further than that on image quality or functionality of the camera, but my other main observation was just how much smaller it is than the D200. It weighs only 100 grams or so less, but is visibly narrower and shorter than the D200, and fits much better in my small touring/hiking camera bag - I'm pretty excited about the smaller size giving me more packing options for heading into the backcountry.

I'm not a big gear fiend but people do often ask about my equipment and for camera recommendations, so I'll try to share my thoughts on the D7000 over the next couple posts.