Wedgemount Lake, 2010 / by Strain

For someone who spends as much time outdoors as I do - between 200-300 days per year - I don't actually do much backpacking. In the summers, I tend to spend my days off resting my body and catching up on weeks away from friends, loved ones, and hot/running water. In fact, Wedgemount lake is the only place I've hiked in for camping in the past 5 years or so. I live in a tent and hike around the alpine for a living - the idea of taking time off work to do what I do for work (without pay!) seems a little foolish to me. On the other hand, being able to share with friends the world beyond highway viewpoints and resort chairlifts is a special experience, and one of the reasons I began shooting photos in the first place. And, no matter how much I complain about working for free or not having a helicopter to ferry me around, I can't go for more than a couple days in civilization without feeling the urge to get out and go up.

On Wednesday afternoon I headed up with the Wedgemount Lake trail with Eric and Alix to spend a much needed night in the alpine. The weather was cold but clear - perfect fall hiking conditions. I apparently wasted far too many frames on long exposures Wednesday night, as my camera battery was dead by 830pm, and had to settle for iPhone photography during our Thursday hike around the glacier. Note to self: bring spare batteries next time.


Next time I'm up I'll have to stay for a few nights and bag some of the many surrounding summits. Might have to wait until next summer though, as the next time I'm out hiking for pleasure, I'll probably be on a splitboard...

For comparison: some photos of Wedgemount Lake / Glacier from August 1977.