Surface Tour - Whitewater, Day 2 / by Strain

I'm willing to bet you have absolutely no idea where Ymir is. Neither did I, until I rolled into town in the Surface truck, looking for the house of a friend of a friend who had offered up their floor for us to crash on for a couple nights. Amazing how that works in the shred world; share a lift, ride, lap or beer and a complete stranger becomes a good friend. Cruising back up to Whitewater from Ymir, it was pretty obvious that we made the right choice sticking around for an extra day: the storm had let up overnight, and by the time we got to the parking lot there wasn't a cloud in the sky. For the first time, we were able to take in the incredible setting surrounding Ymir peak that makes Whitewater a no-brainer destination for anyone willing to get a little sweaty accessing a line: trees, pillows, bowls, chutes, spines, cliffs... the Whitewater slackcountry has it all and then some. I was giddy with excitement, both to shred and shoot - when was the last time you saw a photo from a bluebird day on my blog?

After spending the morning in the same zone as my all-time lap the previous day, Eliel and I rallied at the truck, kitted up with our touring gear, and headed off into the alpine in search of cliffs basking in the late afternoon light. Mission accomplished - although I know El wishes he found some stupid big triple stager to send off of. Watch him go for the glory in the Whistler backcountry in the Dendrite Studios video, dropping this fall.

We spent 2 days at Whitewater, but it only took one lap for me to be sold on this undeveloped powder gem. It isn't for everyone - you can count the park features on one hand, and many of the good lines lie beyond the resort boundary. Don't show up unprepared for backcountry travel.

For my friends: picture shredding with me on a whis pow day. Take away everything that sucks about where we're riding, and you have Whitewater. Yeah, I figured you'd be stoked.