Surface tour - Revelstoke Mountain Resort / by Strain

Having been in Whistler for the storm that hit the Okanagan in early January, there wasn't much to do on the first leg of the Surface Skis tour aside from rip groomers and explore the park. As fun as that is, I need a little variety on the hill so the crew got me on skis for the first time in 12 or so years at Apex; not a pretty sight - all but one ski in the Surface lineup is less than 100mm underfoot. It takes a good pow day to really appreciate the fat, wide, rockered goodness that is Surface Skis (thats what the boys tell me, at least. WTF do I know, I can barely get down the hill on those things). The last time I rode at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, conditions were similar to our jaunt through the Okanagan: great groomers but no new snow. I've been daydreaming about hitting revy on a pow day since they announced the new development plan a few years ago, and this time around I wouldn't be disapointed: just in time for the Canadian Freeski Championships, RMR got a healthy dose of vitamin gnar and our crew took full advantage. It was typical weather for a Strain photoshoot - grey skies and deep snow. To the trees! I wouldn't have it any other way...

A quick video edit of the RMR/KHMR stops from Surface rider and cinematographer Joel Whalen:

Quick Cut - Surface Demo does Revy and Golden. from Joel Whalen on Vimeo.

Up next: Shredding gnar with the car thru Rogers Pass, an urban session at Kicking Horse, and park laps in Calgary.