Surface tour - Kicking Horse (sortof) and COP / by Strain

After 2 solid days riding in Revlestoke, we decided that the best way to tackle Rogers Pass was during daylight hours the next morning. I'm a big fan of drawing imaginary lines down every peak as I travel through the mountain passes of British Columbia, drooling over the innumerable pillow fields, couloirs and cliffs that provide eye candy and inspiration for the road weary shred; whether I'm behind the wheel looking at the road ahead or riding shotgun with wandering eyes, I much prefer making the trek between hills during the day. This time, our decision to forgo travelling under the cover of darkness proved to be a poor one - we woke on Monday am to nearly half a foot of new snow blanketing the streets of Revelstoke with no indication that the storm would let up anytime soon. Great conditions for another day of riding at RMR... brutal conditions to tackle the notorious Rogers Pass. But, we were supposed to run a demo at Kicking Horse that day so we took our chances that the pass would be open when we got there. It was, but barely - the highway closed less than half an hour after we made it through.

When we finally arrived in Golden, we learned that we wouldn't be able to run a demo due to an insurance issue, and that we'd be on the hook for lift tickets if we wanted to ski. As a bunch of broke kids with a limited budget for travel expenses, we opted out of on-hill riding and found a little cabin to jib around on for a couple hours. A quick stop in town at 180 Mountain Sports - one of the first Canadian shops to stock Surface - to tune the demo fleet and it was back on the road again. Facing technical difficulties once again with the Banff area resorts, we powered through to Calgary for a session at Canada Olympic Park.

I'm not a park shred and I don't really enjoy shooting park photos, so I only spun a few laps with the D200 then took a turn at filming a little follow footy with a GoPro helmet cam. My back wasn't feeling too hot or I would've thrown down myself. You might not know it but I actually kill it on handrails and pipe - and by it I mean myself. Yea, I have no freestyle skills to speak of... but I throw a mean slash on groomers.

Calgary's resident Surface skier Rob Heule put together a little edit from our session. Check it:

Surface COP Slayer from rob heule on Vimeo.

As for my present whereabouts, I'm currently in Utah enjoying bluebird skies and blower pow... making the trek back to Canada tomorrow. Miss me yet? I didn't think so. Next up, ditching the truck and going off road in the Kootenays. No, literally. You'll see...