On the road with Surface Skis / by Strain

I've been living a fantastic ski-bum nomad lifestyle since I left my "traditional" job - a temp position as a carpenters helper - in early November. Luckily, as soon as I entered the world of unemployment, Whistler got hit with the snowiest month in their history, and I found myself caught up in a whirlwind of travel, shooting, and shredding that hasn't shown any sign of letting up any time soon.  Since the first week of November, I've been living out of 4 bags - camera, laptop, board and duffel, have slept in no less than 20 different beds/floors/couches/cars, and have traveled over 10000km - all by car - to ride 12 different resorts. The majority of that travel can be accounted for in two trips - my journey to Vail with the Katal Innovations crew to help set up The Landing Pad (which I still need to write about... ), and my most recent gongshow loop through interior BC with Eliel Hindert and Shayne Metos of Surface Skis, demoing their sticks and shooting photos/filming with their team. Over the course of 14 days we hit Grouse, Apex, Big White, Silver Star, Revlestoke, Kicking Horse (sort of), COP, Fernie, Whitewater, Red and ended back 'home' in Whistler.

The first leg of the trip pushed through the Okanagan - Apex, Big White, and Silver Star. Eliel seems to be keen on writing in depth on each tour stop, so instead of repeating his stories - we were within an arms reach of eachother for most of the trip - I'll direct you to his blog for his take on things. I'll warn you though: he mumbles when he talks...

Some photos from the ski hills of the Okanagan:

The next segment of our tour was supposed to be Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, and Louise... but technical difficulties turned that into 2 great days at RMR, an urban session in Golden, and a park slayer at COP in Calgary. I'll explain in the next post... I'm taking off to Colorado again in the morning, but with some website issues sorted (read: I suck at wordpress), updates should come more frequently. I think.