Record Breaker / by Strain


Voleurz rider Braden Dean pops off the injured reserve and into record breaking snow on Whistler Mountain:

As I mentioned in my Whistler Opening Weekend post, I've been lucky enough to be a passholder at Whistler during a time when early openings are the rule and record snowfall seems to happen on a regular basis. As a result, last season was a huge let down - although the march 'redeption' certainly faded memories of the slow start very quickly.

This season, however, I've decided (for a number of reasons) to change things up a little and spend time riding and shooting in the interior. I can't help question now if I'm making a huge mistake; November is barely half over and Whistler has already received nearly half its average yearly snowfall, smashing the recently-set November snowfall record of 416cm. By the time December rolls around, it looks like November 2009 will be the snowiest month on record @ Whistler Blackcomb (51 more cm to go... the record should fall this weekend). Why am I leaving again?


A couple more of Braden - a little rusty on the first day of his season, but loving every minute of it:


I left Whistler last night in the middle of one of the most intense storms I've experienced - thick, heavy snow north of Squamish and torrential rain being driven by devastating winds to the south. We made it home just fine but it really put some perspective on just how hard this area is being hammered by storms right now. Truly incredible.


I know they say theres "no friends on a powder day" but if you ride alone, who's going to help you break trail on a chest-deep bootpack? With a little effort we grabbed some bottomless turns for the last run of the day - you can see the stoke on everyone's face. I was too busy snorkeling after this frame to shoot much more.