Tis the season... / by Strain

Every fall as the leaves turn colour and the days get shorter and longer, those of us who are addicted to the pursuit of the perfect line start getting restless. The first dusting of snow on the local mountains serves notice that winter is indeed just around the corner, and that restlessness boils over into full on night-before-christmas ADHD. The anxious daily routine of checking snow reports and forecasts and opening day updates begins, and doesn't end until the lifts are turning and the base is deep. For the determined few, these early sprinklings of snow offer more than just anticipation. The rock boards, gore tex and avy gear come out of the closet and the backcountry addicts ascend into the alpine for the chance to sneak a few turns before fall reclaims its brilliant colours with a dousing of October rain.

For photographers, that first snowfall is a reminder that many of the photos we took last season failed to pique the interest of a buyer, particularly in times when money is tight. I'm stoked to say that my list of photos that are slated for publication is higher than last year, but I still have an extensive list of shots that didn't make the cut anywhere. As I wait for the opportunity to get to work this season, I'm going to post up some of my favorites from last year that have yet to find a home in print somewhere.

I'll start it off with a strobist-style photo of Taylor Pfaff on Whistler mountain. This log jib is usually a lot smaller, but the lack of snow last season made for a fun session.


Dream about snow! Stay tuned for further updates...