Long Summer Days / by Strain


A quick post of some photos from the last week or so... still lots of daylight to shoot/fish/hike (and work, of course) Some more ND filter fun, as well as practice with another technique I rarely use, exposure blending (it'll have to do til I pitch for a grad ND) - Atlin Mountain at [a very late PM] sunset:


Teresa Island gets hit by a mix of rain and sun as a storm tracks west:

A couple more photos after the jump:


The M.V. Tarahne sits on Atlin's waterfront. Used to ferry tourists around the lake in her prime, these days she has been relegated to hosting the occasional afternoon tea:


Como Lake sunset:


Earlier that evening, we took my cousin to the lake and he caught his first fish, a nice little rainbow in a convenient single serving breakfast size:


I caught one too. Veronica Strain photo: