Lakes and Rainbows / by Strain


I finally bought my fishing license yesterday, so naturally, I spent all evening on the lake trying to catch some supper. I even managed to find the time to play with my new neutral density filter and make some longer exposures in between casts. There's plenty of daylight to do both up here (tomorrow is the longest day of the year, with nearly 18 hours of theoretical sun): the alpenglow shot was taken just after 11pm. This is Como lake, a couple km's north of Atlin. My current address is at the base of Monarch Mountain, in the background - haven't hiked it since I've been here, but I've flown over a couple times on the way to/from work... close enough, right?


In the full post, you can see what happens to tasty rainbow trout when they die...


My sister caught the first fish of the day... I evened the score later.


Back at home, ready for gutting:


It'd been a while since I cleaned a fish, but I think I did alright.


Trout with a side of salmon? Yes please.


Picked clean: