Cerro Catedral / by Strain

I couldn´t spend time in Bariloche and not go on a recon mission to the local ski hill, Catedral. The snow hasn´t started to fly for the winter season yet, but they run a cable car up to the top so people can run around and do touristy things like take photos of themselves with Bariloche and the Argentinian flag in the background. The tourists that don´t speak Spanish do stupid things like neglet to read sigs, hike a couple kms away from the lift, and almost miss the last gondola down for the evening. Oops...


Cerro Catedral


I said aidos to Argentina this morning, bussing through the national parks of the Lake District to Puerto Varas, Chile, where I´ll be for a few days before heading north to Pucon and eventually Santiago. Argentina was awesome, I´ve been gone for a few hours and I´m already thinking of when I´ll be able to come back - and how on earth I´m going to find Quilmes´excellent Red Lager in Canada...

A couple more photos of Bariloche and Cerro Catedral after the jump: --------


The view towards Bariloche (background) and Catedral village (foreground):


The rock garden fingers of Cerro Catedral: