NuuLife Cinema Company Presents: Sixes and Sevens / by Strain

Since I posted last Sunday, over 6 feet of snow has dropped on the Whistler area... needless to say, it's been an incredible (and busy!) week on the mountain. Now that the storm has passed, I've got short break to play catch-up before things get crazy again in a couple days - watch for a bunch of blog updates in the meantime. I did a bunch of shooting and riding with the NuuLife Cinema crew last week, hiding in the trees during the storm, and up in the sunny alpine yesterday. I'll have some photos up as I process them, but for now check out the first teaser for their 2009 release, "Sixes and Sevens"

NuuLife Cinema Company - "Sixes and Sevens" - Teaser #1 from john swystun on Vimeo. (teaser is back up!)

NuuLife Cinema's Dave Craig (and friends) filming in the trees on whistler: 20090319_whis_trees_3453_1000