After the storm / by Strain


Not much to say with this post, as I think the photos speak for themselves. After the storm passed, the clouds lifted and revealed the scars of a thoroughly badass avalanche cycle. While I scoped the slides from lift accessed terrain, photographer Jeff Patterson and the MSP crew had a sketchy close call out in the backcountry (read about it on his blog). Be careful out there! Fissile got ripped open:

Some photos of a controlled avalanche on Poop Chutes in the full post:


Patrol bombed Poop Chutes and it rode to the road:


The runout rolled right up to the Blackcomb Glacier cat track:


A closer look at the start zone:


270mm reveals all the different layers in the crown. That is alot of snow coming down the mountain...

I'm sure if you knew the field of view at that focal length, one could figure out the actual size of the crown, but I'm fine with settling for "big". Props to patrol for keeping us safe.