Spanky's Rockfest / by Strain

With the lack of snow this season, I have yet to transition from my "rock board", my trusty 2003 (I think... I got it used in 2004) Option Sansalone. It has its fair share of core shots and edge damage, but Sapphire Bowl dealt a mortal blow this past Thursday, removing a bunch of sidewall from my heelside edge. With a few repairs its probably still fine in pow, but I can't see it lasting long on hardpack. I can't really complain though, as I've ridden that board through the rockiest days of the past 5 seasons (and it was a demo board before that), dishing out a ton of abuse along the way. Best $125 I ever spent, long live the Option factory sale!


My poor board:


We hiked up above the glacier to deliver the last rites:


The scene of the crime - a very rocky Spanky's Ladder:

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Hereward doubles down:


All smiles on a bluebird day - this was before my board was so savagely assaulted:


I never get sick of this view:

A few more photos can be found on my flickr.