Days 22 - fail: the wheels fall off. / by Strain

This is the post where I concede defeat. You would think with no facebook to distract me (reinstated, by the way - someone complained about a group that I admin(ed) ), I'd have all that extra time to go out and shoot... but, of days 21-31, only 22, 23 and 29 have photos. I blame the departure of the awesome fog.

22: a park bench.

Day 22

See the last few photos of the month after the jump:


Day 23: Yahtzee!

Day 23

Day 29: Sunrise from the Lions Gate Bridge (I'll blame this big gap of photographic fail on going to whistler and not bringing my camera... there was no way I was taking my first laps of Peak chair this season with a 30 pound Sequence bag strapped to my back.)

Day 29

And finally, day 32 (to make up for no 31 ender). Building the ramp, testing the lights... almost ready for action:

Day 32... to make up for no 31.

So, there you have it - maybe not complete, but my photo-a-day is done. Check back soon for future updates.