Cerise Creek / Keith's Hut / by Strain

I spent a few days earlier this week riding out of Keith's Hut, a cozy little backcountry cabin in the Cerise Creek valley, about half an hour east of Pemberton. It's close proximity to the highway make it a popular touring destination, but going up midweek gave our group a solid monopoly on the hut. The skies were blue, the snow was stable, and there were still plenty of good lines to be had, a week after the last snowfall. Top it all off with fish and chips at the Wigan Pier in Squamish on the way home, and you get a perfect backcountry trip. Chyea!


Looking back at Mt Joffre after shredding a 700m chute / glacier line:


Read the full post for more photos: ------ Joffre soaks up the morning sun:


Skinning up, with a view of Mt Matier and the Anniversary glacier:


Hereward serves notice that he will be skiing that line next time:


Looking east towards Vantage Peak:


Made it off the glacier with no crevasse incidents:


Speaking of monopoly, we didn't get to bed until 1am on Tuesday due to a 5 hr long game...

The rest of my photosHereward's photos

The only downside to the trip, was me realizing that I badly need a better touring setup. My backpack is way too big, I carry too much camera gear, snowshoes kinda suck and I always have to borrow a beacon when I go out. Definitely adding a better pack, a splitboard, and my own beeper to the "must buy" list, although I'll have to make due with my current setup for the rest of the season. I also need to figure out a better way to carry my camera when space and weight restictions are tight - the camera block from my sequence is waaaay too clunky to bring along on a multi day trip...