Yuck (Day One) / by Strain

Vancouver is a gorgeous city, but I have to feel sorry for anyone who comes here on a non-ski/board vacation at this time of year. The False Creek area is especially picturesque with all the snow/mud slop covering everything:


I've found that I haven't been taking nearly enough photos for myself lately, so I've decided to undertake a month long photo-a-day project, to kick-start my creative juices for the new year. I'm sure there will be many days of total suckage, so I'll spare everyone the blog spam and post the photos every 3 days or so.

Also, I signed up for twitter awhile back, only to realise that I don't actually know anyone who uses it. Anyone alive out there? Follow me here: ===>http://twitter.com/AndrewStrain<===

Alright, enough with the public service announcements. A couple more photos from today after the jump.

Looking down:


Some crows chillin' in a tree.