Days 8-11: around, above, and underneath the city / by Strain

On my way home from photographing a political event in Gastown on Wednesday, I passed by the Steam Clock (a big meh, if you ask me), where a young man was reading up on the history of the famous Vancouver landmark. I think watching people watching the clock is way more interesting that watching the clock itself...

Day 8

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I hate to say this, but for all of you stuck down in the foggy city all week... its warm and sunny on the north shore mountains. Went for a quick snowshoe up / snowboard down Mt Seymours 1st pump on Thursday, and the weather was nothing short of glorious.

Eric Poulin sends a method off a hip that's seen many a method over the years, in the Seymour backcountry:

Day 9

An alternate for day 9:

Day 9 (alternate)

Day 10, under the Cambie St bridge:

Day 10

A couple of day 10 runner-ups


Day 11 - I took over 1000 frames today, but most of that was for a time lapse video that will probably take a little while to edit - bird on a wire will have to suffice.

Day 11

Don't know what I'll shoot tomorrow, but I have a ton of photos to edit. Check back soon for the next round of updates...

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