Days 17-20: The fog is gone. / by Strain

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the fog for giving me 2 weeks of unique photo ops around the city. Now that its gone, everything looks so... boring. The weather gods must be especially forgiving though, since the fog has been replaced with SNOW today! The more the merrier, bring it on...

On day 17, I brought my camera along for a night out at one of my favorite pubs in the city, the Kings Head. Good times, good beer, good friends, good music. Pretty much sums the night up...

Day 17

Read on for days 18, 19 and 20:


Day 18 is a bit of a cheat: these are photos of photos I took last March, and got published for a Whistler/Blackcomb park guide in the Norwegian Magazine Fri Flyt.

I'm top right:

Day 18 (1)

and both on this page:

Day 18 (2)

Props to the girls (Mira, Dina, Lisa and Chelsea) for a fun, productive day in the Whistler park last March!

For Day 19, I snapped a few shots of a familiar sight for Vancouverites: cargo ships and mountains at sunset. Check the new watermark! Oh yea!

Day 19
Day 19 (alternate)

I use my 50mm 1.4 for about half my photos, so needless to say that focal length can get a bit boring. On day 20, I flipped it around and shot some backwards macros with it. I collected this rock on one of my adventures in northern BC... bonus points if anyone can name all of the sexy sulphide minerals in this photo:

I like... gooooolllllld!

That's it for now, the next update should feature some riding of the current snowfall...

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