Days 12-16: mid month doldrums / by Strain

Um, yeah. So, I didn't quite realize how tricky this was going to be, but I'm running out of ideas. Gonna have to start photographing more people, cause I can't think of many new ways to shoot the city in the fog (plus I think the fog is rolling out).

Day 12: the seawall in Coal Harbour:

Day 12

Days 13-16 in the 2nd half of the post (note - 14 and 16 are good, just ignore 13 and 15):


Day 13: self-portrait #1 is a pretty clear sign that I'm starting to run out of ideas...

Day 13

On day 14, the fog pulled through for me, just minutes from midnight:

Day 14

Day 15 was another miss, lame photo (I do like the sky though) from my balcony:

Day 15

Yesterday, I decided I needed to get out of downtown to break the slump and get something a little different. Day 16 is from the pier at Jericho Beach, looking back to the city skyline:

Day 16

It's a pano, so I recommend checking a larger version.

So, that puts me halfway through, hopefully I can continue to find new stuff to photograph over the next 2 weeks...