Season Opener / by Strain

Whistler doesn't open until Thursday (edit: Whistler is now opening on WEDNESDAY, Blackcomb will follow the day after), but with a decent storm rolling through late last week, there was finally enough snow in the mountains to kick off my 2008/09 snowboard season. On Sunday, we loaded up the car and made our way up to the Diamond Head area of Garabaldi park for a relatively mellow backcountry adventure. Stoked!

Not too shabby for the first turn of the season...


The sunset view down Howe Sound was a great bonus after an awesome day of shredding:


More photos and words after the jump:


Up, up, up...


Are we there yet?


The only bad thing about our day was the fact that Poulin and I don't have snowshoes... yet. Still, finally snowboarding again was well worth the extra effort. Dear loving parents, Christmas is in a month ;-)


Group shot!