Wedgemount Lake / by Strain

I spent last weekend up in Whistler (another post on that coming soon), and instead of trying to find a couch to surf, I brought my backpacking gear along and hauled myself up to Wedgemount Lake for a night. The 1200m vert trail is a real heart-starter (Grouse what?) on the way up, and a knee-breaker on the way down, but the east-west orientation of the valley makes for some great light at sunset.



The campground has ~20 sites in two different areas; a handful of tent pads and a small hut at one end of the lake that provide a great view of the whole valley,


while the rest of the sites are further along and right beside the lake:


It was fairly busy when I rolled in so I ended up all alone at the far end of the campground, which is probably a good thing... I'm not sure the other campers would've appreciated my tent-strobisting:


This shot is two exposures blended together to simulate the effect of a graduated neutral density filter, something I've never really tried before. I think it turned out alright; unfortunately, my poverty wizard wouldn't trigger the strobe in my tent from this far away:


One more alpenglow shot:


I know Wedgemount Lake is a place I'll return to many times, now that I know its there...