Green Lake - Updated / by Strain

I've been up in the Cariboo for the past couple days, working on a short drilling reclamation job. It's tough to learn the landscape in such a short period in time, but every now and then, the photo comes to you. This is why my camera is never more than a couple seconds away:



The rainbow lasted less than 5 minutes, and the almost-mammatus formation was deteriorating quickly. I charged back to the house (Leyland's B&B, on Green Lake), threw on the telephoto, and ran back out into the yard with a little time to spare...

This image was processed in Lightroom, on my (calibrated but still inaccurate) laptop lcd. I have a feeling I'll want to change a few things once I get home.


Changed the photo on the main page after seeing it on my trusty desktop display. Just for reference, here's what I originally posted: