Day of the Longboat / by Strain

I know, I know, Longboat was in September.

For those that don't know, Day of the Longboat is one of the University of British Columbia's signature intramural events. Below is a description of the race, taken from UBC REC:

Day of the Longboat is a ten-man voyager canoe race along the waters of Jericho Beach. Teams race East from the Jericho Sailing Center to a point on Jericho beach where one person leaps from the boat, collects a baton from the beach, and then hops back into the boat. The boats then return to Jericho Sailing Center and this same person gets out of the boat and rings a gong, signaling the completion of the race. Semi-finals and finals follow the heats with awards given out in a ceremony on the beach.

Naturally, because it's against the laws of nature for me to borrow a $2000 lens in good weather (see my previous post), race day brought torrential rain and high winds to the lower mainland, which led to many a capsized canoe.

Photos taken with the Nikon D70s / 70-200 2.8 VR belonging to the man in the yellow lifejacket:


This photo ended up on the pages of the UBC student newspaper, the Ubyssey. You can read the article here: Longboat: a day on the stormy sea


More photos on flickr

-- Photos of day two (the finals) are now up on flickr. --