Spider Macro / by Strain

I seem to have the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) luck in the bush when it comes to wildlife: I don't see a damn thing. As a result, I've resorted to taking photos of arachnids to satisfy my weekly wildlife quota. This particular spider is seen dangling from the leaves of the ever-tender Devil's Club (which I'll be sure to devote an entry to at some point this summer). Both shots were taken with my K10D / DA 50-200, which isn't actually a "macro" lens; it's minimum focusing distance is 1.1m away, throughout the focal range. I found myself wanting to get much closer to my subject here... perhaps a true macro lens is something to add to my kit in the near future? At any rate, what the DA 50-200 lacks in macro capabilities, it makes up for with butter-smooth bokeh.